Magic bus-stop/ Station(relative), 2003

Re-appropriation of the bus-stop as display of fictional and documentary material on alternative travelling and social mobility. In case of Station(relative) a real Bus-shelter from Mestre has been relocated into the automobile free zone of Venice to function as meeting place for locals and (art) tourist displaying information on the richly synthesised narratives of the 60ies counterculture with its fascination for the utopian, sci-fi and transcendental, as well as being used as changing message board, which advertises events, political paroles, graffiti and other forms of public and private declarations and announcements.

Y, 2002

Rendering of a pilgrims sign with its inherent function as guidepost for travellers into a comically existential reification of the modern wayfarer's (dis)orientation, navigation and decision making. This parody of a sign, phonetically poses a question as well as operates as an ideogram of forking paths. Y serves as a humorous reminder for adaptability to a constant state of change, choices, becoming and potential arrival of the everyman Ulysses

Alexander Zika